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What is Japanese Head spa?


Japanese head spa is another term for scalp treatment. Generally, you can expect some variation of treatment to detoxify the scalp, and massage to stimulate circulation and relieve tension.


Course Content:


  • History of Japanese head spa culture and theory
  • Importance of scalp health including anatomy of the scalp
  • Benefits of head spa
  • Head spa techniques
  • Products and Tools
  • Acupressure points and massage techniques for relaxation-
  • Consultation forms
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Aftercare
  • Hair and scalp conditions
  • Hair types
  • Essential Oils
  • Scalp analysis
  • Microcurrent, high frequency and oxygen treatment
  • Cancer patients, scalp conditions
  • Step by step on how to offer Japanese head spa treatment



Training kit:


You can chose from diffenet training kit options. If you chose to go for the option with sink and/or scalp machine these will be send to your desired address(shipping take 1-3 weeks).


Tools: scalp oil, brush, scalp brush, guasha tools, tunning fork, scalp claw, guasha comb


No plumbing Sink set up-you will receive a trainig video if you have purchased the sink from us 

Scalp machine set up-you willreceive a trainig video if you have purchased the scalp machine from us

Please copy the link below into your browser for more information about the sink:




You will receive an end of course completion certificate.


How do Online Courses work?


Duration of Course? 


You will have 3 months to complete the course before it expires


Are there any pre requisites? 


The course is available to begginers or advance professionals. If you wish to offer microccurent hair growth treatment you will be required to have one of the following:

Level 3 A&P(we offer this online)

Level 3 beauty or equivalent


Will I require a model? 


Yes, you will be required to have one model on hand to complete the case of studies


Are there video tutorials? 


Yes, you will have links to YouTube and training videos to watch the treatment being performed


Online Japanese Head Scalp Spa

£499.00 Regular Price
£299.00Sale Price
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