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Lipo Hifu Machine

£1,250.00 Regular Price
£1,095.00Sale Price
  • What is Lipo hifu

    Lipohifu, non-invasive affects subcutaneous fat cells, using non-invasive focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, high-intensity sound waves through the mechanism is converted to heat energy transfer can be in the subcutaneous fat cells, and the heat can create a double tissue reaction.

    I. Through subcutaneous fat cells (SAT) thermal cell interference, to enhance the permeability of subcutaneous adipose tissue.
    II. Subcutaneous layer stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation, makes skin a more compact site of action.

    As an electrical excitation signal, generated by the program control high-frequency oscillation is converted into a focused ultrasonic, by positioning and moving the role of the operating head on the target, the target like a centre, and outward radiation energy, can be reached by tightening and beauty effect.


    Comes with 5 cartridges for different depth levels



    Material:Aluminum metal
    Output consumption:Max.100 W
    Depth of focus:1.3cm&0.8cm
    Output mode:high energy focusing
    Single focus:24*24=576
    Input voltage:110V-240V
    Probe:replaceable cartridges,automatic aiming

    Package Listing

    1 x main machine
    1 x handle
    5x cartridges
    1 x power supply cord ( Both 110v and 220v voltage )


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