Chemical Peels course

Chemical Peels course

Online Chemical Peel Course 

đŸŒ·Finance option available-subject to credit check 
đŸŒ·Accredited Course
đŸŒ·Tailored insurance for everyone
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Course content
* Health and safety
* Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons
* Sterilisation and disinfection
* Appearance of the therapist 
* Ergonomics
* Hand washing 
* What are chemical peels
* Skin ageing 
* Free radicals
* Fitzpatrick skin types
* Glycolic Acid
* Lactic Acid
* Tartaric Peel
* Malic Acid
* Phytic Peel
* Mandelic Peel
* Enzyme Peels
* Salicylic Peel
* PHA Peel
* Azelan Peel
* TCA Peels
* Jessner Peel
* Contra-actions
* Contra-indications 
* Treatment protocols

Kbh Training kit

* Cleanser
* Peels 1,2 or 3
* Neutraliser
* Epithelporruct
* Solar product
* brush
* Gloves
* 2x face mask
* 2x apron 

You will receive end of course certificate which is accredited by the cpd group

Do I need a live model?
Yes you do 

How much time do I have to complete the course ?
You have 6 months to complete the course before it expires 

Are there video tutorials?
Yes, you will have links to YouTube videos to watch the treatment being performed 

What are pre requirements?

How does online courses work?
    Online course
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