Plasma pen Master Course

⚡️Online Plasma Pen Course⚡️	

Basic-eyelids,under eye, forehead , crows feet	
Advanced-all above + lower face lift, neck, skin tag removal	
Master-all above +stretch marks, hand and elbows, spraying technique and aerola 	
💎Finance Available	
💎Accredited Course- by the cpd group	
💎No prerequisite 	
What pre requisites are there?	
What is plasma pen?	
The Plasma Pen treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation. It is important to stress that Plasma is a non-surgical technique where no scalpels or any other surgical instru­ments are used.	
The Plasma Pen treatment is an active answer to patients need for beauty treatments that provides a perfect look but is not based on surgi­cal methods as there are no surgical risks involved.	
What will I learn during the course?	
- health and safety	
- Anatomy and physiology 	
- Principles of plasma treatment 	
- Contraindications 	
- Consultation 	
- Pricing 	
- Hygiene and safety	
- Aftercare 	
- Understanding how plasma works 	
- Practical treatment on models	
Training kit-included in your course 	
-Plasma Pen	
- Plasma needles 10x 	
- Face mask 	
- Hair net 	
- Pencil brown 	
- Practice face 	
*Please note numbing cream must be supplied by client(more info upon course purchase). You will have to purchase your own cling film, silver colloidal gel or pure aloe Vera and supply your own fruit. The instructions will be provided upon course booking 	
Why are we cheaper than others?	
We believe plasma pen is not just about the device but mainly about the correct technique used. You can spend thousands of pounds on an amazing pen but if u don’t know how to offer the treatment correctly and safely what’s the point?! I have worked with the most advanced and the most cheapest devices available on the market, the result ? They all do the same job if your technique is correct. Hence we are giving you plasma pen which is great for beginners, safe for your clients and  with good results as well. Its  important that you learn the technique and if u wish to purchase more advanced pen in the future you will be all ready and confident to use that . This doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend £1000s or pounds whilst learning. The pen provided is CE certified which means that it undergone tests and have been approved for safe use. Not everyone will agree with us, but we believe that learning is about knowing how to do the treatment properly with whichever device or items you work with :0) 	

If u wish to upgrade we offer following pens:
PAA pen: £299
How will the online course work?	
As this is quiet intense treatment it will slightly defer to other online courses that we offer. We will begin by emailing u the course material and will post your kit out to u-if u have purchased one. You are then required to study 40-50h of theory and when you believe you mastered it we will send u a exam paper to complete. Once done you will be able to move onto the practical part. Firstly you will have to practice a dot placement on mannequin head which u send pictures of to us for assessment,then you will follow with practice on a fruit following out video guide. You will have to record yourself using the plasma pen with us being able to see the dots as well. You will have to email this video alongside pictures to us so we can assess it before you will be able to move onto your final exam , which is working on your real client. This is where you get your model in, apply the numbing cream etc and we will have live video call where I will watch you performing the treatment and help you out by giving you guidance etc. You will need to have someone holding the phone as I have to see it clearly or you will need a ring light of some sort. You will have to complete plasma lift on eyelids plus 2 other areas of your choice. I will then review everything again and reward you with your certificate which will be emailed to you. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?! It actually isn’t as it looks more complicated in writing than in real life
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