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Online Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery Course

135,00£ Běžná cena
59,00£Cena po slevě
  • Noxy pen treatment aka Cryosurgery


    What is cryosurgery?


    Cryosurgery also called cryotherapy is a type of surgery that involves the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues and skin lesions. The surgery most often involves the use of liquid nitrogen.Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the treated area for a few seconds. The skin is then allowed to thaw and return to its natural colour


    What is it used for?


    It is an ideal solution for the removal of skin lesions and imperfections such as;


    Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Warts and Verrucas in a fast, painless fashion.


    What conditions can be treated?

    - Skin tags and warts

    - Freckles

    - Age Spots and Milia

    - Fibroma

    - Seborrheic Keratosis

    - Solar Lentigo

    - Cherry Angiomas

    - Verrucas

    - Mole removal (requires GP approval)


    Course Content

    - Laws and Regulations

    - Health and Safety

    - Skin anatomy

    - What is cryotherapy

    - Skin lesions

    - Treatment protocol

    - Consultation

    - Contraindications

    - Treatment process

    - Aftercare

    - Use of the device


    Training Kit(if purchased)


    - Cryoalfa pen-Reaches a temperature of up to -89° C.Ensures a consistent freezing temperature old coating of the applicator has an antibacterial effect includes capsule with 16 grams N2O

    Cartridges can be easily replaced and have the following treatment capacity:

    16 g ≙ 270 sec., with a therapy time of 10 sec. = 27 treatments




    You will receive an end of course certificate which is accredited by the cpd group


    Do I need a live model?


    Yes, you will need to complete 3 lesions hence you will need 1 or 2 models


    How much time do I have to complete the course?


    You have 3 months to complete the course before it expires


    Are there video tutorials?


    Yes, you will have links to training videos and YouTube videos to watch the treatment being performed


    What are pre-requirements?


    None as you will learn everything you need during the course


    How do online courses work?



    Do you offer finance?


    *please note, if you run out of gas because you haven't used the pen for a while or stored the pen properly we won't be able to replace it and you will have to purchase a new canister.

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