One on One Eyebrow Extension Course

One on One Eyebrow Extension Course



During this course, you will learn the art of creating beautifully shaped brows using individual eyebrow extensions. You will cover brow preparation, analysis of face shapes, application of brow extensions, safe removal and aftercare.


Course Content


  • Salon health, safety & hygiene
  • Be able to consult, plan and prepare for eye treatments with clients
  • Understand how to work safely and effectively when providing eyebrow extension treatments
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Understand contra-indications that prevent or restrict eye treatments
  • Understand equipment, materials, products, techniques and treatment planning for eyebrow extension
  • Be able to provide aftercare advice for clients


Training Kit

- Eyebrow Extension Tray

- Eyebrow Extension Glue 

- Glue Remover, Gel Type


-Glue holder ring

-Eyebrow drawing guide

-Pecil to draw the eyebrows

-Practice head/face



Accredited and Insurable Certificate of Achievement


Your course will contain links where you can purchase the training kit from 

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