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Maser permanent make up lip pigment spmu

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  • Maser Permanent Makeup Pigments

    These SPMU pigments are suitable for both machine and hand tool application. Maser inks contain high concentration of pigment which allows you to create perfect colour as well as natural looks. Maser pigments adopt 100% essence of pure plant extracts and are organic. These products also contain sunscreen formula, titanium dioxide and ensures that the ultraviolet discoloration is minimised.



    It contains high intensity organic, non-toxic pigement.100% plant extra material, high quality 

     Ingreients: Iron Oxide,Titannium Dioxide,Glycerine,Ethanol,Distilled water. 



    1 bottle 10ml maser tattoo inks


    Colours to chose from:

    Bright orange,

    Red pepper,


    Plump red,

    Rose red,

    Magenta mauve,


    Kiss me,


    Bright red



    • DO NOT touch pigment bottles with contaminated gloves in order to prevent cross contamination.
    • Do not mix with other brands
    • Professional use only
    • Shake well each time before using
    • Patch Test required
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