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Hydro jelly face mask

4,99£ Prezzo regolare
1,80£Prezzo scontato


    1x jelly mask 


    These facial masks are provided in the form of a Powder packet which takes the form of a Jelly mask after mixing with purified water.


    Jelly mask powder: can be applied to face, neck, eyes, lips, breast, hand, feet, even whole body. It creates an occlusive layer, forcing hydration and all beneficial nutrients deeply into the skin which increases mask effectiveness.


    FULL COVERAGE: It covers your whole face without neglecting any small part of your skin such as eye and lips unlike other rubber masks Preservatives


    Free, Fragrance-Free, Paraben Free. No Mineral Oil. Cruelty-Free. Not tested on animals.


    Directions: put 1 pack of mask powder and 1 pack of hyaluronic acid essence into a bowl, then mix, using the spatula stir quickly into a paste, then quickly daub on the face, still apply 20 to 30 minutes. then peel off the mask, wash your face, and then do daily skincare to keep water treatment. It is recommended to use 3 or 4 times a week.


    Types of masks:


    Kiwi -oil control

    Honey- WhiteniningWhitening

    Lemon -Vitamin C Nutrition

    Rose-anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, refreshing and moisturizing, antioxidant, whitening, soothing skin

    Lavender- Hydrating&Soothing

    Gold Foil-Anti Wrinkle Brightening

    Jasmine petals-Deep moisturising

    Aloe Vera-Tender Skin repair 

    Silver-Soothing Repairing mask

    Green Tea-whitening, shrinking pores, removing greasy face, resisting skin oxidation and delaying ageing

    Turmeric-moisturizes the skin, replenishes skin moisture, improves dull skin, anti-oxidation

    24k gold-moisturizing and moisturizing, nourishing and whitening, softening the skin, easy to absorb

    Pomegranate-Solve skin dehydration, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, detoxification.

    Hemp Oil-Soothing and calming mask, deeply nourishing, smooths fine lines and wrinkles,


    Mix it with 15ml water

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