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Hyaluron Pen Fat Dissolving Liquid-Lipo V Premium

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  • Hyaluron Pen Fat Dissolving liquid


    Please note: this is available to purchase for trained professionals only.


    KBH training academy will not be held responsible if used by anyone who didn’t undertake training.


    The solution to act against cellulite and localised fat-the only product approved for Hyaluron Pen Fat-dissolving is a powerful cosmetic combination of active ingredients, recommended for treatments directed at burning fat and draining retained fluid. A perfect ally for aesthetic treatments directed at improving circulation, combating cellulite or tightening the skin in flaccid areas or with fine wrinkles. The formula is rich in precious natural active ingredients that provide important action over the smoothness and softness of the skin making it looks infinitely better, drained and cared for.

    Focus and Cynara act over the dermic area which tends to adiposis and fatty localised spots which may lead to a sagging aspect. Because of their toning and conditioning properties, they help to avoid that ugly sagging look of the skin.

    Both active ingredients activate the metabolism and the fatty acids elimination activating their combustion cycle and the proper transport toward the body mechanisms related to their disposal.




    • Double chin
    • Arms Love
    • Handles
    • Tummy
    • Back
    • Thighs


    To be administered once every 7 days Packing 10ml*5pcs


    Please note u must be trained in Hyaluron pen to be able to order this product

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