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Hair Scalp Analyser with Light Therapy Machine




1.Purify the scalp, remove bacteria, ozone sterilization.

2.Long-lasting oil control, balance oil secretion, prevent seborrheic

dermatitis, folliculitis, etc.

3.Effectively remove dandruff and repair a series of hair damage problems such as dry hair, split ends, itching and peeling.

4.Effectively dredge clogged hair follicles, stimulate the regeneration of aging hair follicles, promote blood circulation in the head, and relieve fatigue.

5.Strengthen hair root, make hair thicker and healthier, anti-hair loss and hair regrowth.


Analyser Heads


HD Detection Scalp Analyzer


The detection head adopts high-definition microscopic image synthesis technology, which can detect the nature of hair and daily problems in high-definition, such as clogged hair follicles and excessive oil secretion, and can grasp the problems of scalp and hair at any time.


Oxygen Spray Gun


The whole body is made of stainlessalloy, with a comfortable grip, andthe switch is a non-slip button, which is ergonomically designed. Liquid products such as essence can be injected into it. It can spray the nutritional essence to scalp uniformly, and the products will ionatomization which will very easy to absorbed.


Ultrasonic Import


Produces acoustic wave energy, slightly heats up,vibrates, and promote absorption.When used on the scalp, it can generate sonic energy of 20000Hz.


BIO Massage


Two bio rods touch the skin at the same time, which can generate biological micro currents and massage the scalp.


Meridian Brush


The all-alloy magnetic head, heating cycle, and equipped with a separate switch, can be micro-electric multiple gears adjustment for a comfortable experience.


High Frequency


The high frequency comb producing a high frequency current that ionizes the gas and effectively stimulates the blood circulation,reduces folliculitis, regulates oil secretion and eliminates microorganisms. This produces ozone gas that effectively cleans bacterias of the scalp, accelerate wound healing. Good for hair loss and hair regrowth treatment and great results in nourishing the hair.


Vibration Comb


The all-alloy comb teeth can vibrate left and right, equipped with 20 essence balls, which can massage the essence into the hair follicles.




We offer a 6-month warranty if the machine is purchased as a part of our training course. Otherwise, we offer 3 month's warranty




The buyer is responsible for paying import tax. Delivery is up to 4 weeks

Hair Growth Scalp Micro-current, Oxygen, Light Therapy Machine

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