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Gel Nails Course

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  • Gel  Nails


    What are gel nails?


    Gel nails are fake nails that can be applied to a client’s fingers to closely resemble the natural nail. They are very similar to acrylic nails (liquid & powder); however, they tend to be more flexible. Gel nails can be worn, painted and decorated in the same way as acrylic nails. Gel nails are usually applied using UV light. Generally, gel nails will last between 3 – 4 weeks; after this period maintenance and infill procedures will need to be carried out on the client’s extensions to keep them looking natural and well maintained. Our nail technician courses from home will teach you all the techniques you require to be able to carry out these treatments.


    Course Overview


    - Nail Enhancement Systems and Health & Safety    

    - Becoming a Nail Technician

    - Anatomy & Physiology

    - Nail disorders and shapes    

    - Manicure

    - Starting on Tips  

    - Application of Gel or Acrylic gel 

    - Gel or Acrylic Infill and maintenance

    - AFtercare





    You will receive an end of course certificate which is accredited by the cpd group and allows you to work on public


    How do Online Courses work?



    Duration of Course?


    You will have 3 months to complete the course before it expires


    Will I require a model?


    Yes, usually 1 model is required  to complete all of the required case studies


    Are there video tutorials?


    Yes, you will have links to YouTube and training videos to watch the treatment being performed


    Do I Need Experience Before Booking a Course?


    We’re pleased to offer courses to people with lots of different experiences. However, previous experience nor qualifications are not necessary if you would like to enrol on our Course.


    Please note: the course doesn't include a kit and you will have to purchase your own.

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