Fat freezing machine Model: WL-7008C

Please note: this is available to purchase for trained professionals only. KBH training academy will not be held responsible if used by  anyone whom didn’t undertake a training.

	Comes with temperature control and water control safety system.
	Cooling operation beauty equipment,
	Temperature can reach to -10°C~5°C, up to 5Kpa ,time to 60min

Technical parameter
	Voltage AC110V/220V 50-60Hz Vacuum 650mmHg
	Pump flow rate 60L/min
	Vacuum pressure 0-100Kpa
	Freezing temperature: 0℃, -5℃,
	Cooling device output :0-5Kpa
	Cooling liquid pure water
	Default working time: 0-60min
	Fuse size: F2AL250V N.W: 8.5KG
	Dimensions: 18"x14"x10"

Accessories List
	1xMain machine
	2xBody Cooling handle
	1xWater funnel
	1xPower cord

Please note u will need deionised water and fat freezing membranes
Please note: machine will take 2-3 weeks to arrive

Fat Freezing Machine


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