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Electric Foam Spray Shampoo Dispenser

  • Features


    Suitable for Head Spa ,Lash Shampoo, Eyelash Extension Cleanser, facial cleanser, conditioner, firming lotion, moisturizers, cream, dish soap, hand soap, etc. 


    The dimension of foaming dispenser bottles is 250ml, made of high-quality PET plastic which is BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, harmless, especially no plastic smells. 


    Widely mouthed bottle with extending the catheter, easily releasing the liquid avoid unnecessary waste, reusable and refillable. 


    Automatic dispenser is type c rechargeable, please use it with caution when replacing the battery or connecting to power. A full charge be used for about 1.5H. 




    Shell material    PET

    Weight    202g

    Package size    157*195*62mm

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