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Cryotherapy Pen

  • The cryotherapy pen


    Please note: this is available to purchase for trained professionals only. KBH training academy will not be held responsible if used by anyone who didn’t undertake training. 

    Product Details


    Cryoalfa SUPER

    The Cryoalfa SUPER reaches a constant and low temperature of up to -89° C during treatment. The gold coating of the applicator also has an antibacterial effect and is optionally available for contactless cryotherapy or with a contact applicator.


    The scope of delivery includes an N2O cartridge with a content of 16 grams. This is enough for approx. 30 treatments or 4.5 minutes of treatment. 


    Please note that this item is excluded from the right of return.


    Product Details

    • Cryoalfa SUPER 
    • Cryotherapy unit
    • N2O (nitrous oxide) reaches the treatment site directly via microcapillaries 
    • Reaches a temperature of up to -89° C
    • Easy and safe operation thanks to Flowstop single-lever technology 
    • Ensures consistent freezing temperature
    • Gold coating of the applicator has an antibacterial effect
    • Steam-sterilizable
    • Painless treatment and scar-free result
    • Including N2O cartridge with 16 grams content (enough for approx. 30 treatments)
    • Perfect for dermatology and general medicine


    For the removal of: 

    • Warts
    • Fibroma
    • Keratoses/Basalioma
    • Haemangioma
    • Lentigines
    • Condyloma
    • Other skin lesions




    Store the device in its original packaging when not in use. Make sure that the lever cannot be operated unintentionally during storage. Operating the lever will cause gas to escape.Protect the gas capsule from heat and direct sunlight. The cartridge must never be exposed to temperatures above +50°C / +122°F.

    Replacement cartridge

    Cartridges can be easily replaced and have the following treatment capacity: 
    16 g ≙ 270 sec., with a therapy time of 10 sec. = 27 treatments
    25 g ≙ 360 sec., with a therapy duration of 10 sec. = 36 treatments


    *please note, if you run out of gas because you haven't used the pen for a while or stored the pen properly we won't be able to replace it and you will have to purchase a new canister.


    Only available for purchase within UK

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