The Cryotherapy pen now offers an even longer operation time per device (approx. 25%) and improved user comfort for effective cryosurgery. 
This cryotherapy pen with an integrated N2O cartridge is designed for use in the treatment of various benign skin lesions on adults and children. The cryosurgical device requires no additional accessories–this disposable instrument is ready for use immediately after activation. After depletion of the N2O cartridge, the entire cryotherapy device is disposed of. 
Product Details

Cryotherapy instrument
Latest model with improved user comfort and up to 25% longer operating time per device
For effective treatment of benign skin lesions on adults and children
Up to 300 seconds of operation time per device
Continuous, direct N2O spray stream
N2O temperature: -89°C
Allows for pin-point accurate cryosurgery
Fits comfortably in the hand, no accessories or additional products needed
New, especially simple activation system
Simple N2O spray release via light thumb pressure on the trigger
Use immediately upon activation
Safe and simple procedure
Particularly economic
After depletion of the N2O cartridge, the entire cryotherapy instrument is disposed of
1 CryOmega II cryotherapy instrument
Uses of Cryotherapy Instrument

Verruca Vulgaris
Verruca Plantaris
Molluscum Contagiosum
Skin tags
Actinic Keratosis
Verruca Plana
Seborrheic Keratosis
Genital lesions

Cryotherapy disposable pen


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