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In Person Conversion Lemon Bottle Fat dissolving training

  • What is lemon bottle fat dissolving?


    It is a high-concentration premium LEMONBOTTLE solution that combines Riboflavin(vitamin B2) and excellent ingredients for fat decomposition to increase the metabolism of fat cells and accelerate it.LEMONBOTTLE is a high-quality product that is different from the previous one


    Who can take this course?

    This is a conversion course so you will need to be trained in fat-dissolving injection to undertake this course


    How will I obtain a certificate?

    You will need to come to our venue for a practical assignment. This will be 2 hours course and will focus on the right administration of the Lemon Bottle. Upon completion, you will receive an accredited certificate allowing you to offer Lemon Bottle treatment for your clients.


    Will I need a model?

    You will need to bring 1 model with you


    Training kit

    • 3(viles)x Lemon Bottle fat dissolving product
    •  30g needles 
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