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Brazilian BBL Non Surgical Buttock Enhancement

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  • Brazilian BBL Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancement-basic course


    What is Non-Surgical BBl?


    A non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift is a safe and non-invasive way to lift the sculpt the shape of your bum. Using our specialist equipment, focused heating causes the contraction of the fibres in your bum, resulting in an immediate tightening of your skin in this area. This Lipofirm technology used in our treatments brings increased smoothness and softness to the skin, in addition to the tightening and lifting that will help you to feel so much better about an area you may not be comfortable with.


    Course content:


    • Health and safety
    • Sterilisation and disinfecting
    • The appearance of the therapist 
    • Ergonomics
    • About Brazilian bum lift  enhancement
    • Electricity
    • Skin laxity
    • Epidermis & dermis 
    • Hypodermis 
    • Weight gain 
    • Subcutaneous fat
    • White and brown adipocytes 
    • Cellulite
    • Mechanical lymphatic drainage 
    • Electrical muscle stimulation
    • Skin tightening - radiofrequency
    • Fat reduction - radiofrequency
    • Contra-actions
    • Contra-indications
    • Aftercare
    • Treatment protocol for bum lift 

    - please note, this is a basic bum lift course. If you wish to learn about massage and more advanced techniques you can join our advanced course once you complete the basic one.


    Training Kit(if purchased)



    3x suction cups 150ml, 90ml,80ml






    You will receive an end of course certificate which is accredited by the cpd group and allows you to work on public


    How do Online Courses work?



    Duration of Course?


    You will have 3 months to complete the course before it expires


    Will I require a model?


    Yes, usually 1 model is required  to complete all of the required case studies


    Are there video tutorials?


    Yes, you will have links to YouTube and training videos to watch the treatment being performed


    Do I Need Experience Before Booking a Course?


    We’re pleased to offer courses to people with lots of different experiences. However, previous experience nor qualifications are not necessary if you would like to enrol on our Course.


    Do you offer finance?


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