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Body Hifu

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  • HIFU Non-surgical body skin tightening

    HIFU stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound and is used as a one-off (well every 1-2 years) treatment to firm and lift . It uses ultrasound energy to encourage and stimulate natural collagen production, which results in firmer skin and will provide noticeable effects without making any cuts to the skin.

    High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening that some consider a non-invasive and painless replacement for surgery.


    Course Content Hifu Body:

    • Legislations
    • Contraindications
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Health and Safety
    • History of hifu
    • SMAS layer
    • Cellulite
    • Adipose tissue
    • Ultrasound technology
    • Machines
    • Benefits of hifu
    • Client care
    • Pricing
    • Consultation
    • Treatment protocol for body
    • Difference between body hifu and lipo hifu
    • Aftercare



    You will receive an end-of-course certificate which is accredited by the cpd group and allows you to work on public


    How do Online Courses work?


    Duration of Course?

    You will have 3 months to complete the course before it expires.


    Will I require a model?

    Yes, 1 case of study is required. Please note, you will be required to have a machine to complete the training. 


    Are there video tutorials?

    Yes, you will have links to YouTube and training videos to watch the treatment being performed.

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