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Biopen Q2 microneedling pen


Microneedling- accelerate skin reapair-5 levels

EMS-promotes skin collagen synthetis-3 intensity

LED-calm and soothes skin-2 light modes




  • fine lines, wrinkles
  • pore size, acne scars
  • skin discoloration
  • helps improve skin texture
  • stretch mark on belly
  • large areas of acne
  • stretch mark on thighs


Powerful motor – Up to 16,000 RPM


Whats inside the box?


  • Bio Pen Q2
  • Induction base
  • UK Adaptor & USB Cable Type C
  • 2x cartridges
  • Instruction Manual



Biopen Q2 microneedling pen

245,00£ Běžná cena
225,00£Cena po slevě
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