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BB GLOW & MTS Course

BB GLOW and MTS Training Course 


Full training kit included 


Fully accredited and insurable course


Training is available to everyone ,not just those who have a beauty NVQ. Due to advanced anatomy and physiology covered throughout the course we do not require any NVQ qualification.


We are the only accredited uk provider offering training course with AUTHENTIC all inclusive training kit and are the official distributors for stayve-bb glow in the uk


The course will teach you how to create a delicate foundation effect, to hide facial imperfections, illuminate and lifting effect, align the skin structure and provide a subtle effect of makeup without mask effect. By choosing the course BB Glow, you choose a course that teaches you a unique method of restoring the luminous look without using make-up on the skin.



You will learn the following during your course 


       Anatomy of face and skin

  • Skin physiology
  • The choice of colour for the type of skin
  • Use of ampoulse 
  • Purpose of the treatment and the obtained effect
  • Contraindications for BB Glow treatments
  • Application rules for anaesthesia
  • Possible complications after treatments
  • Types of pigments
  • LED light therapy
  • Consultation/consent form 
  • Step by step on how to offer bb glow treatment
  • Step by step on how to offer MTS treatment 


What is bb glow?


The BB Glow it’s absolutely amazing ,It achieves instant results with effective skin brightening, skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, stretch marks and scars cover. 


BB GLOW Benefits

Plumps the skin

Gets rid of wrinkles



free radicals


Reduces melanin

content in the skin


Reduces skin



Provides instant

hydration to the skin


Gradual lightening

effect on skin



appearance of pores


Restores even skin tone

and radiant complexion


Kit options:


Cleansing gel,toning lotion,Mix bb serum vials 10,Mix meso serum vials 10,apparatus Dr.pen,Cartridges ,Cream Brush. 


1 ampule with bb serum = 2 procedures


1 ampule with meso serum =3-4 procedures